Deliciously Sentimental - Jared's Old Fashioned Hot Dogs & Hamburgers

Let's do a quick post because I think this one shouldn't wait around any longer.  Burgers are hot again.  The old guard is being challenged by new ones like 5 Guys, Smashburger, Fat Burger, The Habit, etc.  Like with TV and Comedy, it is a golden age of burgers.  At the Pawn Stars Plaza, there was a wonderful poutine place.  Unfortunately, the poutinerie went away.  I know, I was as mad as you are when I heard about it, but, no use crying over spilt milk (or bankrupt poutineieres).  

Truthfully, I was probably done with the Pawn Stars plaza, because the barbecue place there was not as good its main location and, frankly, Pawn Stars plaza had hurt me (by letting Smokes Poutinerie go) and I wasn't ready for intimacy yet.  Still, I'd drive by and even though I tried to ignore it, I was trying hard to see if I noticed anything that would fill the poutine-sized hole in my heart.  Deep down, I wanted there to be something in that spot at Pawn Stars Plaza.  I didn't want to admit it, but less than a year after the Smoke's had passed, I was ready for love, burger love.  

Well, my peripheral vision revealed that the spot where died my Canadian love a new suitor had appeared, 
Jared's Old Fashioned Hot Dogs and Burgers.  A small menu in a small space in Pawn Stars, intriguing, but is it good enough to last?  It just might be.

First image, my burger.  A hefty patty, freshly grilled, with bacon and cheese.  It was definitely made fresh.  The patty had a good flavor.  The bacon was not the typical crappy bacon that too often is used bacon burgers.  It was a simple burger, it had a pure, clean flavor.  It was, as advertised, an old-fashioned burger.


This is another burger.  I don't remember what my friend ordered.  This picture is significant only to show those kick-ass onion rings.  These things are serious.  They do not look like your bulk purchased Ore-Ida onion rings.

How about this little beauty?  Tater tots with chili and cheese. In case you can't tell from the picture, this is a HUGE serving.  That boat is about 12 inches long.  It was WAY too much for a single, non-morbidly obese person.  The fact is, that this, in combination with those very hearty burgers, was a ton of food.  Which makes this next picture a bit embarrassing.

I had to try the fries.  I was a Jared's Old Fashioned neophyte, so I didn't know anything about the serving sizes.  These fries were also super good.  

Basically, Jared's Old Fashioned is old fashioned.  This establishment would fit in perfectly at the end of Main Street in a small town in Idaho, Wyoming or Utah.  It would be the social center on weekend nights (especially in the summer).  This would be the subject of a Norman Rockwell painting.  

Sentimentality aside, I should tell you the reason I am fast-tracking this review is because I bumped into Jared after ordering my boss a burger to go.  He told me that if I liked the burger to please tell my friends. Well, you've been told.   


Dr. Bob said…
if you see Jared again tell him Bob says hey.... I knew a Jared once, could be the same one..

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